Short Story Challenge

I can’t believe I never posted about this.

I’ve entered into the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge!

I’m in Heat 6 right now, about to start my first submission, due Feb 3rd. I’ll post it here after judging (because the stories are judged anonymously and, because I’m so damn famous, I’d hate to be disqualified because somebody figured out who I am……. It’s a theory, just go with it.)


Last post plugging myself, promise!

Visit my Facebook page for a neat contest to win a SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY of my new book!

I’m numbering them, too.

Good luck!


Set out on a Journey …

Pre-Order Day came early! Thanks, Amazon for turning around my approval so quickly!


Kindle Unlimited cost: $0

Kindle eBook: $0.99 with delivery on November 3rd!

Paperback edition available soon!

Michael’s Flight Novella Pre-Order

Thank you so much, everyone who has been involved. Every click on this site and every Like on my Facebook Page gives me new courage to try something new, break down my preconceptions, and work to bring the world of Nimium to life.